WordPress Website Maintenance & Security

Ensure your WordPress website is secure, up-to-date and backed-up.

Security and Maintenance Update

A one-time activity to update your site, and upgrade with layers of protection.

One Time: $499

We will:

  • WordPress and component updates
    • Review & update your site’s WordPress version, theme and plug-ins.
  • Down-time monitoring
    • Implement monitoring to check when your site stops working.
  • Automatic back-ups
    • Implement scheduled, automatic backups to a location of your choice.
  • Friendly error pages
    • Implement friendly error pages that are better for customers and reduces information hackers can access.
  • Review site hosting and errors
    • Check your site’s pages and logs for errors.
  • Security
    • Review theme and plug-ins for known vulnerabilities.
    • Implement a security firewall to fight brute force attached and malicious activity.
    • Implement an extra layer of login security (2FA).
    • Implement a HTTPS security to protect traffic to your site.
    • Check and update the site programming language if possible to reduce security bugs.
  • Password training and guidance
    • Poor and re-used passwords are still a #1 cause for accounts being breached by hackers.
    • We help you understand better password practices and guide you in improving your online account security.

Ongoing Site Management

Would you prefer some else keep and eye on your site?
We do that too.

Economy Plan: $149/year

  • Receive all down-time alerts.
  • Ongoing updates of WordPress core, theme and plug-ins.
  • Monitor security logs.
  • React to ongoing outages.

Premium Plan: $349/year

Everything in Economy, plus:

  • Receive and respond to any security alerts.
  • Implement and receive real-time error logging (understand errors stopping customers, and view potential malicious activity).

Platinum Plan: $599/year

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Implement SPAM prevention.
  • Review SPAM activity.
  • Unlimited guidance and incident response.
  • Domain and DNS management.

Additional Services

Content Updates

Need help changing or adding content in your site? Need a page added or removed? A simple style changes? Integrate an external form or service?
We do that too.
Price: Request a quote (pro-rata accrued, billed monthly)

Premium Security Firewall Upgrade

Upgrade the security firewall to get real-time protection and threat detection.
Price: $145/year

Cloned Site for Testing

Do you wish you had a copy of your WordPress site to trial changes without affect the site your customers see?
We can clone your site and setup a completely separate copy for you to play with.
Price: $55 per instance to setup + $7.50 per month the site is running.

Programming and Software Development

Are you after some advanced functionality or work on your theme?
We can:

  • Modify themes.
  • Write custom plug-ins.
  • Develop custom logic and workflows to solve business needs.
  • Integrated with 3rd party services through programming interfaces.

Price: Request a quote