News & Announcements

Keep your community informed with blog style news posts.

Control who can create and publish.

Calendar & Events

Every user gets their own calendar. Or create shared calendars to keep the community informed of when things happen.


Create appointment slots and let your community book an appointment.


People can send messages to each other, to groups they are in, or to allowed roles.

Special Interest Groups

Create SIGs for sub-communities to share information, organise events and send messages.

Tasks & Notifications

Automatic notifications on the home pages of new messages and custom workflow actions.

Self Managed Content

Create your own information pages or edit areas within pre-built template pages.

Photo Gallery

Easily create galleries and share photos.


Every business has different needs. 

We work with you to build the exact workflows and processes you need.

Roles & Content Targeting

Control who see content. Target pages, news, events and messages to individuals, groups and roles.


The box is just the beginning…

Connect is designed specifically for expansion and customisation. While some design is fixed for optimal usability and performance, we’re ready to work with you to create a site that suits your particular need.

  • Create a new home page tailored to your community.
  • Have custom functionality built to automate a business process.
  • Process and transform data.
  • Integrate with external systems.

Fully Managed


No need to worry about infrastructure or technical implementation.
We’ll have you up and running in short order, and take care of all your hosting and technical needs.


Software updates. Security patches. Bug fixes. Design changes.
We handle it all for you.


No need to worry if anything goes wrong.
We proactively monitor and respond to any issues.
Have a question or need a change? Just pick up the phone or send us an email.